Sorting Data in MS Excel

You can download here the worksheet from this video to practice it by yourself!

Going through endless amounts of data can be difficult and time consuming, but the creators of Excel have designed easy ways for you to handle that. The sort feature allows you to organize long lists in ascending, descending, or alphabetical order.

The video above shows you how to handle sorting with a list of students, their grades and their test scores.
You can imagine that with a list of clients, if you store their names in separate columns you could sort your list by first or last name.

Sorting work hours from 'largest to smallest' will show you the highest achievers in your staff first. 'Smallest to largest' order will give you the lowest price on top, or the students who performed worst over the year overall.

You can use Excel sort to to make a big pile of data ordered in a meaningful way, enabling you to locate and find easily the most relevant info for you. As a whole, it is a simple but powerful tool, that will help you handle great amounts of data with little effort.