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Online Determiners Lessons, Exercises, Lists and a Test

Welcome to the grammar lesson all about one of the fundamental elements of English- the determiner.

These tiny words help us differentiate between general nouns and specific nouns and they also help to hold our sentences together and keep them balanced. These words come in many different types and though it can be confusing at times, we will be going over many different examples to help you grasp the importance of these components to the English language.

What are Determiners? Lesson With Examples
Determiners Definition and Types
Learn the types of determiners, includes many examples. This lesson will teach you what determiners are, and present their definition.

You will be introduced to the various types of determiners, such as specific and general, and countable and non-countable.

You will learn how to identify them through many examples.

Online Exercises (Interactice Practice)
Determiners Exercises
Determiners Exercises and Practice Let's practice!

Here are two exercises: In the first one you are given 10 sentences to find the determiners within them.

In the second one you are given 10 sentences, and you have to choose the correct determiner from two choices given.
A Full Printable Test With an Answer Key
Determiners Test
Determiners Test with Answers How good are you at determiners?

This is a full scale test. It includes 12 items in which you have to choose the most suitable determiner from the choices given, and also 8 multiple-choice questions. An answer key is available.
Available Also in PDF Printable Version
Determiners List
Determiners List in English Looking for a particular determiner?
Here is a helpful list.