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Nouns Online Lessons and Interactive Exercises

Welcome to the fun world of nouns. All of those people, places, and things comprise a large part of our vocabulary and form the foundation fort eh English language.

As you work through these exercises, lessons, and tests, you will gain an understanding of nouns and the roll that they play in our written and spoken words.

Within these lessons we will be looking at their common and proper forms and what the differences are.
We will take a look at singular and plural nouns and work on recognizing and using them correctly; finally, we will have lots of time to practice using them.

With a strong understanding of how to use them and how they impact our language and writing, you will be ready to move on to our other lessons and begin building upon this basic knowledge. So let’s get started!

Lesson and Interactive Exercises
What is a Noun? First Lesson
What is a noun? First Lesson This lesson will introduce you to nouns, their uses, and the common forms that they come in. You will learn to ask the questions of who, what, and where in order to locate them within sentences.

You will begin to recognize that people, places, and things are all nouns and you will be given opportunities to practice recognizing them within sentences.
Interactive Exercises
Basic Nouns Practice
Basic Practice Practice identifying nouns with real world examples of what you may see on tests and homework assignments:

The first part consists of discrete sentences, for you to locate and click all the nouns within them. Next will be a similar exercise, but now with a complete reading passage.
Common and Proper
Common and proper nouns lesson What is the difference between “high school” and “McCall High School”? Find out in this lesson as we learn about the differences between common and proper nouns and what role they play in the English Language.

Learn when to use each type, and what does it refer to.

Discover the amazing world of common nouns and find out just how common they really are.

Singular and Plural
Singular and plural nouns lesson Improve your writing and your understanding of the English language by leaps and bounds with this comprehensive and easy to follow lesson on singular and plural nouns.

Learn when to use their singular form and when to use their plural forms.

Find out the tips to mastering these important and foundational pieces of the English language.

Discover new ways to write and you continue to master these grammar basics.
Printable Test - With Answer Key
A Full Printable Nouns Test
Nouns test - printable with answer key Now, after you went over the lessons and finished their exercises, it is time to take a full scale test and see where you stand.
Is your knowledge well established, or do you need some more practice?

You can print the test and its answer key, to review your knowledge before you take an actual test at school.


I would like to thank Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell for her help in putting together these lessons and making them the best they could be.