How to Create a Character

The most important part of a story is the character. In this section, we are going to learn the definition of a character and what makes up a character. It is vital to know what questions we want answered about this character so that a reader can bring certain emotions to life as he or she reads.

The questions are related to what the character looks like, what their personality is like, and how they act or talk. There is no one way to do this, but this section will give you an idea of what traits can build a convincing individual in a story.

The first lesson pertains to character description with a template called a skeleton, which will guide the writer into constructing the character.

The second lesson will go into fitting the newly-made character into the storyline with writing drills.

This lesson will explain how to create characters for a story

The Making of a Character

Lesson duration: 20-25 Minutes

This lesson will define what a character is in a story and also, tells the student the common types of characters. An example of a traditional story will have its characters identified and observed. The student writer will ask himself or herself questions of what type of individual their character is and other features that will build a strong depiction of the person in the story. A tool will be used to aid the student writer so that creating a character can bring some ease in mind.

This lesson will help the writer have a better understanding of the new characters

The Character Comes to Life

Lesson duration: 20-25 Minutes

In this lesson, student writers will learn how to bring their characters to life through several writing scenes (prompts). These prompts will prepare the writer to learn more about the characters they create. In order for a reader to understand the characters in the story, the author must understand what he or she has written. How can a reader know what the author is saying if the author doesn't understand his or her own writing? A made-up character is used to explain how to use the prompts. The final prompt will include the student writer making up their own scene.

This lesson show student readers how to create characters in a deeper manner

Character Arc:
The State of Your Character

Lesson duration: 20-25 Minutes

This lesson focuses on teaching the new writer how to develop a character arc. Character arcs are seen in many pieces of literature, films, and television shows. The purpose of a character arc is to show a deeper view of the character’s development throughout the story. We will learn about what a character arc is and the various types of character arcs, look at some examples, and work on a writing prompt. This lesson will help strengthen the characters in the student writer’s work.

Practice what you learned in the character lessons

Character Writing Exercises

Lesson duration: 25-30 Minutes

Here you will find different exercises to practice what you have learned in these lessons.

In the first one, you will practice using the character skeleton.

The second one is a quiz to challenge your knowledge of the definitions taught in the lessons.

The third exercise is a small practice of identifying the character arc as it appears in various sentences.