How to Create a Setting

In order to have a great story, one must not only have characters, but a setting to put these characters in. A setting is the location and time frame in a story. All stories have some sort of setting whether it is in a pretend country or takes place during the 1800s. It helps paint a picture for the reader and have a better idea what times were like during a specific period.

This section will contain one lesson, where it will teach student writers how to create a setting for their own stories. Tips are included, such as using the five senses. The senses of smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling, and seeing are what helps us identify objects and places. It helps the reader picture themselves being actually in the story, and help the story come to life. Examples and a writing prompt will follow.

How to Create a Setting

Lesson duration: 15-20 Minutes

This lesson addresses the setting in a story. Definitions, examples, and other elements that have to do with the making of a setting will be taught.

Student writers will learn how to use their senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, sound) to properly create and build up a platform for the story’s setting.

These helpful examples and tips will help the student writer use their imagination and creativity in a way that can make their writing more vivid for their readers.

Exercises on Creating a Setting

Lesson duration: 20-25 Minutes

Let's get some practice!

Here are various exercises to improve your writing skills on this subject.

In the first one you will get a passage with blank spaces for you to fill in.

In the second you will get a short phrase, and it's up to you to make it into a short passage.

In the third you will be given a situation, and you have to come up with five words that can could be used as building blocks for a passage.